January 25, 2012

Anti-Ageing Primer !!!

Bean Styled has discover so far... The best in Anti-Aging Primer. No harsh smell, no tacky feel, no peeling or flaking off, and Most Importantly Safe for sensitive skin.
KORRES ANTIAGEING PRIMER CREME DE BASE ANTI AGE, with Quercetin; and Oak extracts. Made in Italy ; and is Just Simply Amazing!!!
Bean Approved for the fact it is 98% Natural, Silicone Free which is a harsh irritant for people with sensitive skin. Plus it offers wrinkle smoothing properties, can be used alone or On top of your moisturizer, and of course under Makeup.
The Feel of this primer is like a delicately whipped creme, that slips on to skin, soaking in like your favorite moisturizer.  A Must try for any skin type,  and worth the money! Grab it at your local Sephora Today.
If you were curious to Quercetin like Myself I went over to handy Wikipedia and found this:

Quercetin /ˈkwɜrsɨtɨn/, a flavonol, is a plant-derived flavonoid found in fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains. It also may be used as an ingredient in supplements, beverages or foods.-

Naturally found in fruits and vegetables and a great ingredient for skincare and beauty products.  It is a great time to mention that Most American's do not eat the recommended serving amount of fruit and vegetables per day.  http://www.choosemyplate.gov
Choose my plate Website is a great resource to materials, trackers, the USDA, Activities, and Tips to eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Which used to be called mypyramid.gov when I was taking a nutrition's class in college at West Virginia University.

Must point out that we noticed GREEN TEA, contains Quercetin. Which here at Bean Styled we have been speaking and blogging about a lot lately. Broccoli, Apples, Leafy Greens, Raspberry's, just to name a few contain it as well.  Health and beauty go hand in hand. How we feel on this inside mentally, physically mean a lot. Most of us need to start listening to our bodies. Try Staying as Positive as we can, and physically healthy. Which helps lead to that healthy happy Life.  Finally, must add that the way we look on the outside makes us feel great on the inside, and that Portrays Confidence in which we all should have about ourselves.

If you are having trouble getting all your fruit and vegetable servings try a supplement. With any supplement or health product please check with your Physicians/Doctors before use.  Bean Styled does recommend the New Centrum PRO Nutrients Fruit & Veggie Phytonutrient supplement. Phytonutrient meaning- nutrients derived from plant material.

January 23, 2012

EYE DEF Hard Candy

So I am getting ready to have My Bachelorette Party in Vegas, and along with the Glitz and Glamor of Sin City my girls and I will be done up in our Sparkly Heels and Dresses! Bean Styled has been out trying all sorts of dry, baked, creamed, solid glitters, and by a Long Shot EYE DEF GLITTER EYE SHADOW BY HARD CANDY Rocks!!! So much that I am ready to go out and buy the rest of the colors offered! I tried the 330 Sprinkles which is the Pink one Above.

Why it has Bean Approved? Is because the wand comes angled which is great for easier application of thin and thick lines, depending on what you are creating! The Formula is Thick, creamy, and there is absolutely no smell, and did not irritate my sensitive skin, which I have found out with Glitter eye make up is a concern.  It easily smooths, and dries quickly. Most Importantly Stay's Put, no glitter falling off on to your face by the end of the day or evening. 

I Recommend using an eye primer, or concealer under neath for it did leave a little stain left behind on our testing area where we did not apply a base primer. Other than that it comes off great with eye make up remover and your regular cleansing regimen.  

<3'ed so Much be looking for another blog about Hard Candy's Eye Def Glitter Eye Shadows, We are going to put up Evening Glam looks, and easy day looks you can pull off at school or Work! 

Aveeno with Rice!

Aveeno Products use science and nature, with  "Active Naturals" meaning natural ingredients that deliver results, has a great Body Scrub with Rice!  Aveeno Positively Nourishing Smoothing Body wash with pomegranate, rice, and walnut shells, is a great smelling, gentle exfoliate anyone can use, and that rice helps keep that moisture in!  Try it Out Today, can be found at any local drug store, Target ect. 
Also here is a couple Bonus Green Tea Facial Recipes I Enjoy!

Green Tea Steam Facial:
Boil Green Tea (4-8 tea bags)
Remove from stove and Carefully poor into a bowl to let cool til it is Warm and able to touch, and put on your face.
Please remember when doing at home Recipes to be very careful, at Bean Styled we love to offer great alternatives to expensive Spa Treatments but please always use common sense when around Stoves, and appliances, ect.
Soak a Clean Hand Towel in the Warm Green Tea.
Cleanse your face with gentle cleanser, Use your Astringent, and then Ring out Your Hand Towel in the Green Tea.
Lay back and Place your Warm Green Tea Towel over your face and let the Warm Steam open up your pores, and let the Green Tea's Antioxidants do it's work.
After 10-15 Minutes Remove Towel and Moisturize as usual.

Also Throw another Hand Towel in the Green Tea that is already Steeped and place it in the Refrigerator over night.

Green Tea Chill Facial:
After a long day come home, Remove make-up, 
Ring out your Hand Towel that is Chilled with Green Tea
Lay Back and Relax with the cool Towel applied over your face for 10-15 minutes.
Then apply your moisturizer 
The antioxidants will help remove the Impurities from the Day, and De-puff those tired eyes, and de-stress at the Same time. 
You'll be ready for a Dinner Date in 15 Minutes, Looking Fresh like you've slept all day, instead of 8-12 hours at your Desk!

Green Tea is a Great antioxidant, and Moisturizer. Not only Great to Drink but in many Beauty products today. Green Tea can help prevent dry skin, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines.  If you have a favorite Green Tea product, or Recipe we would Love to Hear from you!

January 19, 2012

Beautiful Skin for Anyone!

As I have started researching into other cultures and their habits from eating to skincare. I have noticed a few key ingredients that we should start ingesting more of along with applying it to our skin. The Wonderful Ingredient is RICE; it could have some major benefits. Take a look at the Asian Culture, and most of them will have very beautiful gorgeous almost perfect skin. It makes me ask the question, How do they do it? There major diet is made up of fish and rice. There intake in Rice could have a major impact on their skin, that we here in America should start taking up ourselves. Not only do they eat more rice, and by culture drink more Tea, Green Tea being one of the major teas they choose to drink. This is a habit or diet that could benefit a lot of us, for skincare and beauty, but also for our Health and weight.

There are Many beauty products out there today that have rice in them, but there is also home-made recipes that are great when your on a budget, and they provide the greatest nutrients to the skin right at home!

There are many natural, and organic products on beauty shelves out there with rice in them. As Bean Styled is on the hunt, trying and reviewing! Once we find some great products we will have the reviews up ASAP. In the meantime leave us comments on anything you recommend or have heard of, and we will gladly give it a try.
Besides added in rice, fish, and green tea to your regular diet, here are some at home beauty recipes to try with rice.

The Rice Facial:  Take a Cup or Two of Rice, place in a pot of water and boil. Pretty much follow the directions that come with your Rice. Sorry thou, Instant Rice won't work for these Recipes. After you finish boiling the rice, Carefully Strain the Water in a Bowl.  Set at your Table, Vanity ect. with a towel over your head to catch the steam and open your pores. After 5-10 minutes, Use the cooled down rice water to Rinse your face. Slightly pat dry so your face is not dripping with water, and let your face air dry. You Should just then rinse with cool water, and pat dry. You will instantly feel your skin is smoother and has a nice glow.

Also, if you are not able to eat all your left over Rice, or go ahead and make more to Use it in a Rice Bath Soak:  Again, use the directions on your rice to boil it, Use strainer to Strain your rice, and water. Putting the Water in a bowl to cool just a minute before added the rice water to your already filled bathtub. Then with the Rice, mash it up with a Fork; then add to Tub. Like Cleopatra with her milk baths, We now have Rice Baths :)!

It seems people with dry skin, and eczema should try Rice in their diet, and soaking their skin. From what I can find Rice helps retain the moisture we easily loose in our skin with the help of the starch proteins. Which over time the skin should become smoother, and I think with a routine you could really reduce and prevent some wrinkles. We only have to look at Asian Culture for the real results!

January 7, 2012

Spring Ahead

Welcome to a New Year it is officially 2012!  Winter isn't over yet, but we don't have to think about the dreary weather, let's make a hop to Spring with Fashion that will be Hot this Season, and some new products great for spring and Summer. 

Since it is still dry weather let's make sure we are keeping our skin hydrated by drinking lots of water, and using Bean Styled'S  Favorite Moisturize of All time.  If I could give a Moisturizer an Award for being a fit for anyone from oily to dry combination, even with the most sensitive skin it would be CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Intense.
The Clinique moisture surge is great for Summer days when skin is a little more oily, or not so dry. I have been using the INTENSE which is even better for Winter when days are extra dry. I recommend this product to Everyone. Oil free gel creme that absorbs quickly and is a light feel; with use over time it say it helps repair skins moisture barrier and helps keep out environment irritants.
For all the years I have used moisture surge, It is doing an Outstanding job!

Head start For Fashion this Spring, Look out for Sheer Fabrics, and Multi-tiered skirts and dresses. Shorter in Front than Back. 
The colors this Spring will be bright, So leave your black, grays, and brown's in the closet til next fall! 
We're not talking Neon Bright, but Bright Pastels and basic color brights!

Here at Bean Styled we still have been trying Mascara's like it's our Full time Job ;)  I have found Maybelline New Yorks Illegal Length  Fiber Extensions mascara. It adds great length to lashes, and the brush helps keep the lashes separated. The Formula is smooth, and thick, not like some runny formula we have been finding lately :( yet it drys quick but not to quickly for it allows you to build with out it getting clumpy. Thanks again to the million little bristles on the Brush. If you are looking for that False lash or DOLL Lash Look, This is a Perfect match. Plus I personally have small, thin lashes to begin with, and this mascara has become my regular... for now!

Here at Bean Styled there is a new brand that we have fallin in Love with. PHILOSOPHY! I have been a customer at Sephora since I was 17. There is no other mass makeup store I trust or choose to spend my hard earned money. Customer service, to their stock, to being a Beauty Insider Bean Styled <3's Sephora! They carry this line, and every year on your Birthday when your signed up to be a beauty Insider, you get a Free Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful Vanilla Birthday Cake, Shampoo, Body wash, bubble bath with purchase on Your birthday. I have always just taken my points instead of my gift, but this year I thought I would try it. From the luxurious formula, to the bright yellow; wake you up color, to the wonderful relaxing smell, I can see how this is a Great All-In-One Wash. I use mine as body wash, and not only does it relax you but reminds me of Hawaii, it's that rich Vanilla Smell that set's it apart. This year I also got another post card for new lip care for their Birthday Beauty Insider give away, so It may be that they switched up their give away and are not doing the Philosophy Happy Bday Cake but I still recommend both. Trying the Wash and becoming a Sephora Beauty Insider. It is worth all the Perks! Check it out at Sephora

So since we our on a Philosophy kick, we tried the Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer.  Advanced moisture, with a sheer buildable coverage with added spf 20! You couldn't ask more for a product to cover, protect, and better your skin.  This will also be great come Spring and Summer when the months get hotter and you are looking for coverage that is not heavy on the skin. Plus the added spf is just great skin care! With use this product smooth fine lines, protects and keeps skin hydrated while even out your skin tone. The Antioxidants and natural products are also a Great Bonus in this product like mango seed butter, sunflower oil, and lavender oil. Since we believe in natural products and love them here at Bean Styled we will be sure to be trying out more Philosophy products in the future. If you have a fav Philosophy product you would like us to try and Review, leave a comment on the blog or visit our Facebook Page and leave a comment there.