December 31, 2010

Nails Need Attention Too!

It's a New Year, Sparkles are the new Black, so why not bring are beautiful hands up to date. It's time to quit the boring colors, and same old looks. If you have a few extra minutes and a little patients you can have people asking Wow, who did your nails? A little artistic creativity and you can stand out from the crowd!

First let's start with what we can use: rhinestones, string, lace, glitter, fabric, sequins, ribbon, stickers! Yes any stickers you want. Choose any material that is you would like, and able to stick to your nail polish , so start thinking and be creative.

With all your craft materials treat them the same way to apply. Pre-cut any material needed for your nails so they are the correct size for each nail bed, and they are ready to go. This will make the process quicker and easier. Apply them on top of freshly coated nails, push down lightly. Grab a Q-tip and remove the cotton, you can use that end to help push items onto the nail without messing up your polish or leaving fingerprints. This is the most tedious and patient part. When applying material like lace all you really have to do is carefully lay it on top of the nail bed, let it relax and then use your q-tip. After they dry, apply your a clear coat and this will also help hold them on.

Some materials like rhinestones, that are a little heavier, depending on the size you use. You can use regular nail glue and apply them after your nail polish has dried completely, but I still recommend putting a clear coat on top, for extra security and that beautiful glossy look!
Rhinestones & Glitter
Reverse French Tip
 If your into color and looking for something new, try the Reversed French manicure or a colored tipped french manicure.

Have Fun and Enjoy!

December 29, 2010

Swarovski-Queen of Sparkle

Every Woman who is into all things sparkly like myself, should know about Swarovski crystals. They out beat any cubic zirconium any day, matter of fact their is no comparison. Swarovski can be easily mistaken for diamonds because of the clarity and shine. I am a big fan of their collectible figurines, to their holiday ornaments. So I am So Excited to Spread the word on their Jewelry. It's been out for some time, but I believe it is still coming up to it's Spotlight debut! They have some Great Colored jewelry pieces that just scream I feel like a million bucks. If your looking for that Perfect Cocktail Ring, you need not look no further.
I recently had the pleasure to purchase the Radiance Ring, which comes in two pieces, and is just stunning! I received compliments the same day at another department store, in which I had to give her the secret of who it was made by. This is not my first purchase of Swarovski, but my first jewelry purchase, and of course I already have my next one...or two items picked out;-)  Take a look at what Swarovski has come up with, elegance and beauty at affordable prices. Every woman should have at least one piece of Swarovski. Just like every woman knows that "other little blue box", well I feel Swarovski could very well be the Next Blue box every lady would love to see in front of them!

Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal

December 17, 2010

Flapper Era Make-up

Welcome Back to the 1920's when Women were standing up for their rights and asserting themselves in many new ways. This followed right into their style including make-up. 

Start off by priming your eyes. I use N.Y.C. Primer out of the Individual Eyes custom compact and used it from lashes to eyebrow. I used the highlighter below the brow, and in the corner of the eyes. This will help the make-up last and gives you a solid backdrop, like painting on a Canvas =).  Something us women today should feel lucky to have! I then applied my E.L.F. concealer and highlighter duo to under the eyes.

Make up in this time was usually pretty matte, they always had mica and some other products to use in the make-up, but not the sparkle we can have in make-up today. Keep this in mind when picking your colors. Keep them between pale yellows to dark browns. I used the highlighter color (lightest color) out of this compact for all over the lid. Then I used the lid color (one above highlight color) for just the lids. Use your favorite C brush or eye shadow brush for both colors. Then I applied 38 Golden Lady by FLIRT just on the lids. I feathered it out with a round eyeshadow brush. Then I applied with a round brush Estee Lauder 03 Chestnut in an angle from the beginning of my brow to the outer corner of the eye and used a stiffed angled brush to create the angle with the same color. With the angle brush I applied the chestnut under neath for the eye liner. I used E.L.F. eye shadow in Ivory just under the brow and inner corner of the eyes and blend. I then applied some rhinestones with eyelash glue randomly on one side to add a little modern dazzle. Then applied i.d. Bare Minerals diamond gossamer to the temples to add highlight and make the eyes pop. I swiped E.L.F. complexion perfection under both eyes with my E.L.F. Fan Brush. Then I applied my false lashes which are a lil modern flare (yes after the makeup so add a little extra glue and dry for a good 30 seconds, and hold a little extra longer than normal) which I obtained them from a local party store, use a Dark Brown or Black Gel eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush. Add your favorite mascara, peachy cheeks, and red lipstick. There you go, back to a  proud & Fun era! =)

Fake Those Lashes!

 Best Eyes

I don't have those thick lushes lashes some are blessed with and everyone seems to crave. So I have practiced and practiced with fake lashes and here is the best way I have found to apply them and what kinds are fashionista friendly and still great quality.

Out of All the false lashes for a fashionista are E.L.F. they look the most real, even their most dramatic ones, they are flexible, and will last All Day thru the Night. They range from $1.00 to $3.00 and are perfect for the beginner and professional make-up artist. I have tried many other brands around the same value and found the quality lacks, they are stiff, and hard to work with.

50% Off Studio

Applying just two or three individual lashes to the outer corner, adds dramatics to your lashes. It also adds more volume, and shape to the eye, but feel free to add them where you would like to add thickness and be artistic. The half length size false lashes are actually perfect for adding the right amount of volume and dramatics. I have been using ARDELL brand I found at Target. They work and look fabulous. The ARDELL Accents 305 Black are perfect size for adding that natural volume look and are 100% human hair!
For the individual lashes the ARDELL Duralash flare short black work great for me for adding the volume and dramatics where I want.

 Now about the Glue, I never use the glue that comes with lashes I buy the tube glues I use all different ones at this point. But, the white creamy type that changes color when ready and dries clear works wonderfully for me. Apply glue to false lashes and give it 30 seconds to dry. The Best way to apply is carefully with clean finger tips and tweezers to carefully adjust the placement. Use the opposite end of the tweezers or ring finger to push down lightly on the false lashes. Use liquid eyeliner and mascara to help hold and blend them together while adding final dramatic touches.

It is really easy to add Glitz and dazzle to your eyes. Go to any craft store and buy 3mm round rhinestones, I think this size works best but you can go as big or small as you like, and if you are artistic create designs and have fun. It is easy to apply by using a cuticle stick and placing a dot of glue on the end of the stick and then placing dots along your brows or where ever you want to place a stone, let dry a few seconds and apply the stone hold and Ta Da your dazzled!

Have fun my Make-up Artist and I would Love to See Pictures!

December 14, 2010

Soft Lips

I love finding moisturizing lip care since most of us neglect our precious kisser. The Soft Lips Brand are great and do what they are suppose to.... fix dry chapped lips, and Protects with the greatest natural products and has SPF. They apply smoothly, leave a moisturized cooling feeling, and have beautiful sparkle and tints to them. My favorites are the lip soft pearl lip conditioner with Spf15 and it adds a beautiful light pink tint that works with anything you wear or make-up you apply. It's a beautiful Winter lip saver ;-) I also enjoy the Soft Lips Vanilla lip protection with SPF 20 good for a sunny beach or the blast of the winter wind, and being from Illinois the wind is your enemy when it comes to drying out your lips, and skin.

December 13, 2010

In The Bag

OKAY, Let's admit it! Every woman has a weakness, and you probably don't even have to think about what it is. Shoes, Purses, Belts, Jeans, ect. Every woman when they see one they just Love they Absolutely have to have it. Well this blogger's weakness is....Purses/Bags. Now I am not one that buys so many purses I have a closet full I am a pretty frugal person..I think so LoL. So I counted my purse just to see how many I actually own, minus a few for Goodwill I know I will never use again, and I have.....21 this includes wallets and a couple that were given to me. So for this being my weakness I am not doing so bad, or I don't think so correct me if I am wrong. I now have noticed just as many scarves:/ oh I do <3 an adorable scarf...hmmm. I am also having the urge to get into high heels, but with my new realizations I think I am sticking to my smaller shoe collection.
I have to share with you the best places to find lasting bags and purses. First off, always look in thrift and discount stores for cute vintage finds, I love old purses some I use on occasion and others have been passed down that I just display. I have bought...well too many ;-) purses from JCPenny's not only did I work there for a year during my high school days every purse I have every bought from there Last! They always have the latest styles, cute and sophisticated looks.  The Brands they supply are great quality and great prices. Almost half of my inventory is a brand from penny's and I love them, for I still have most of them!
Coach's Wrist-lits

I do like certain name brands. For the price I really have to like them, their style has to be lasting, and the quality must be durable. My favorite higher end bags are Coach brand. Certain bags have a repellent material on them, and me being a mother this is great.  Plus they offer a cleaner which works great and is just nice to know they want you to take care of your bag and make it last, Thanks COACH! I have a small Madison Coach bag and a matching wrist-lit and I have a feeling this will be a bag I won't switch for years. Not only is the style lasting, so our the colors, and can go with pretty much any outfit, there are some rules you should follow when buying a more expensive bag. Not only do I find my Coach bag durable and Love it so much I have already picked out my new one "The Carly", such a Doll, but yes I still will wait for a great sale day in the future ;)
Happy Purse hunting!

December 11, 2010

Steam Facial At Home

Every woman who visit's the spa knows how much an Advanced Professional facial can cost. One of the most relaxing and useful tool's is the steam part of the facial in which they do to open up pores and allow moisturizers and medicines to work deep. Get this on a smaller scale right in your own home. It works well opening up pores and I suggest doing your favorite mask and moisturizers after relaxing for 15 minutes with a towel placed over your head to help trap the steam. I also like to add a drop or two of my favorite oils, lavender if I am looking to relax, or lemon if I am in need of an energizing lift. I have had mine for years now and I still use it at least twice a week. The Facial Spa by Conair is great, works amazingly well, and is affordable, what else does a woman need to make her own spa at home ;-) They new ones come with facial brushes and timers like the one here, so I am honestly thinking about upgrading=)

December 10, 2010

Winter Skin

It is winter time and Christmas is right around the corner so before visiting all the relatives make sure you have glowing faces. It is very important to moisturize your face, but it is extra important in the winter wither you have dry skin or not because the cold weather dry's out everyone's skin to some extent. For this I have to say that the Best Moisturizer is Clinique's Moisture Surge Gel. This stuff is a miracle for me because It clears up dry patches on the spot and feels so silky smooth when applied and leaves your face feeling so fresh, soft, and relaxed, and leaves no residue and soaks in immediately.  1 out of 10, this get's an 11!
If you don't have such a dry skin problem and just looking for a great moisturizer that works tough in winter months I recommend Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Dry or combination skin this one is for everybody, light-weight, creamy, and non-greasy it is the perfect anytime moisturizer, perfect 10.

December 9, 2010

Jewelry Find 02

I have found another adorable necklace! For a great price of course and it can be found at TARGET. Which I have to admit I am a VIP at Target<3 Natural stone necklaces have been big this year and I don't think they will ever go out of style, or not any time soon that is =) Their are so many ways to wear beautiful natural stone jewelry. Pair with your favorite jeans & T-shirt for a relaxed gorgeous look or along with Business attire that will have everyone asking about the necklace;) since it would be the focus! This Geode necklaces with precious stones along the chain is just simply beautiful. Gold over Sterling Silver, precious stones, you can't beat it for 12.99 on Sale.

Beauty Starts Within.

Every Woman should know the true secret of looking and feeling beautiful, so I'll share. 

It is simple, and should be a lifestyle choice by all women. First and foremost the best beauty tool is water. Water is the key, start drinking the recommended dose of water and start noticing the effects. Every beauty professional knows how important H2O plays in our hair, skin, and body. Plus it is a personal opinion and should always be consulted with your doctor, but I swear by a multi-vitamin and at the age I am I am using one with extra folic acid. I also believe that Omega 3 has a significant use in our bodies and beauty regimen. I take an omega 3, one 500mg capsule everyday. Not only is it good for your heart and cardiovascular system, but it is great for hair, nails, and skin. I think it's my best kept secret. Of course here comes the kicker most of us lose time, or to tired to do....Exercise! But I promise if you do at least 20 minutes a day you'll keep yourself in shape, and when you do go for a two hour workout you won't be slacking. That's about it, work on healthy eating habits and your on your way to looking and feeling beautiful from the Inside Out.

Bean's Hand Facial

I don't believe nothing else ages you more besides your face, hair, and Hands! So here is how I make sure my hands stay as youthful looking as my face.

First off take off all rings and bracelets. Next cut and file your nails however you like them and apply some cuticle cream to the cuticle of the nail and fingertips. I love to use Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and just message it into cuticles and fingertips for a couple minutes and relax for a minute before you run your hands under warm water and get the excess of the cream off, pat hands dry, then here comes the fun part.

Use a paraffin dip for your hands, this is very easy, and so good to attain moisture. I bought the CONAIR combo set, but you can purchase just any paraffin bath. I absolutely love the Conair's Paraffin bath and I use Dr. Scholl's rain scent paraffin wax, it smell just relaxes you, not to mention the silky softness of hands, feet, elbows, where ever you need it; it's just AmaZing! Follow the directions given to you with the paraffin bath, but  usually you dip your hand in a few times to evenly coat the hand, let them cool for just a minute and place plastic bags over your hands. Sit down and relax for 15 minutes. After relaxation and the wax hardening peel off bags and wax and throw away. Your hands should feel silky smooth, and for those of you who have cracking finger tips in the winter this is a great problem solver and tell the Men in your life to try it. Men are really liable to the cracking dry hands especially when it's cold outside. Apply your favorite lotion with essential oils. To have a good moisturizer for your hands at this step is very important, your skin pores on your hands are open, clean, and will soak in the oils, and moisturizers dramatically. Your hands now should be feeling like silk.  

Enjoy & Happy Holidays <3 BEAN

December 7, 2010

Any EYE You Want!

Attention All Make-up Artist, and make-up lover's, here is your all together eye shadow pallet from E.L.F. Create Day to Night look, or have fun with colors! <3 this !!!

E.L.F.  Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

Get yours today at Right Now for a limited time for only $5.00

Glam Hair Made Easy!

Every Woman's wish is to be able to wake up to voluptuous frizz free beautiful hair! Well here it is, You can!  

Conair Ion Shine Curlers is all the magic anyone needs. If it's waking up late for class, work, running late for your date, or just looking for a Great hairstyle for a night out, these curlers are all you need. Simply roll up your hair in these velvet curlers, get your make-up and outfit on and by the time you are ready... it's time to unroll, tousle with fingers, and have the most beautiful Glam hair ready for any event. Spray with your fav. hairspray and your ready to go!

December 1, 2010

Rimmel London

270 Steel Gray
 Nail polish is one of my most frustrating beauty products. I keep my nails short and simple, and believe that way you can pull off any color. My most fav's are black, and Pink's. Yes, BLACK! I love black nail polish and their are many ways to style it up like doing french tip with black nails. But that is really not the point of this blog, the irritating factor is that it never last more than 2 days. I am a person who uses their hands constantly, between household chores and crafts I guess I keep them pretty busy =) So when I tried Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Pro it "say's" 10 DAYS!!!  Well Gee, look at that, I 'happen' to look down a week later to find my nails have just somewhat faded at the tips, and thought I have finally found a nail polish I do not have to touch up every couple days. I can not wait to try all their colors now, but I have to let you know what color I chose to try. I feel it is a Hollywood classic color, can be used no matter what season, and works for day or night look!