November 23, 2010

Deep Condition Hair Treat

Okay we all love how amazing our hair feels after a Deep conditioning and moisture treatments at the Salon. Well if you don't have the funds to spend right now, or do not want to leave the comfort of home here is a good at home treatment you can do for cheap and effective results.

Generally You can use any favorite leave in conditioning product or moisturizing conditioner. The best conditioner to use for any hair type for this treatment is conditioner for curly hair because they all have high moisturizing products in them.  Right now for conditioner I am using and loving Pantene Pro V Beautiful Lengths, but for this Treatment I use Garnier Leave in Conditioner. It has Apricot and Avocado oil plus B3 + B6

To Begin, throw a towel in the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes so it get's really warm. While your towel is warming up, put your leave in conditioner, or conditioner on your hair. IMPORTANT: The ends of the hair, and if you have long hair from the nape of the neck down, try not to rub the conditioner in the scalp which can cause that greasy feel even after you blow dry.  After you have covered your hair in a nice layer of conditioner wrap your hair up in the warm towel, and sit back and take 15 minutes to relax.  After remove towel and wash and condition, and style your hair as normal. It leaves you with soft, smooth, sleek hair for a few days, and really helps to prevent against split ends, due to blow drying, straightening, and other heating tools.


I am a chapstick, lip gloss, good for the skin kinda girl. I have used many products but REVLON's MOONDROPS Lip Conditioner feels so luscious on the lips. Think of what Moon Drops could feel like and that's how juicy and glossy it makes them look and how soft and smooth it makes them feel! I have found a new Fav. that I will always have in the purse=) <3 <3 <3

New Sparklers

I just love some sparkly heels! I just found these at Hot Topic although I was going for the Pink ones, I had to settle for the purple ones because of size selection in store. They still had a few online last time I checked. Take a look at HOT TOPIC.COM

November 22, 2010

BEE Amazing

I have used Burt's Bee's for years and now use their Baby Bee products on my daughter, ever since she was 5 months old, they are very gentle and of course Natural =).  The price, and quality is great for the natural products. 

I have probably used almost... all their natural lip balms. I love their shimmer lip balms, sooo sparkly, and it's all great for lips. 


I have just discovered Mama Bee products and very excited to grab something up to try. I love their Baby Bee's Nourishing Bath Oil, and if your in need for a relaxing night at home grab some candles, fill up your tub, add a couple tablespoons of their Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath, and say aaahhhh!

 I couldn't forget the Burt's Bee's Herbal Blemish Stick, you have an unexpected pimple arise rub some of this on top and by morning you will see a dramatic reduction, reduced redness, and sometimes no pimple at all =) I adore this product! 

Find More at

L'Oreal Skin Genesis

I have mentioned before my need for sensitive skin care so I know what some are going thru. The cleanser's that offer gentle, yet effective cleansing usually are still harsh on my skin. But  LOREAL SKIN GENESIS PORE MINIMIZING GEL is so gentle, yet effective. It is gentle enough for the eye area, and removes make-up wonderfully, not to mention I see my Pores really shrinking or they are more clear than ever! It has a ph balance formula and says to work with your natural skin moisture. I find this to be true, for I don't get that tight skin feel that I get with a lot of other facial cleansers. If your struggling to find a cleanser right for your sensitve/dry skin this is really a miracle. For about eight dollars I can't believe how great it works. I have looked and tried everything even the most expensive brands. I can honestly say that Gel cleansers are best for sensitve/dry skin but this Gel Cleanser Beat's everything I have found yet.

Remington Wet 2 Straight

I have to Recommend the Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair straightener. I loved mine so much when my first one recently got to the point of no return I went and bought a new one which has an dual Heat settings for the Wet hair and Dry hair, the color changing screen makes it easy. Although this time I bought the curve straightener they both work amazing and for the Price your getting a great quality straightener.
Old One!
New One
Get yours at Target

November 20, 2010


I cannot get enough of E.L.F. The products are Amazingly affordable and quality does not lack. 
First off the Under eye concealer and highlighter is just lovely =) very light feel and conceals under eye circles very nicely. The highlighter is also a lightweight feel and gives a light highlight that makes eyes light up!

Next I have mentioned I don't hold the most voluminous lashes so I love to wear false lashes and I have tried certain dollar store brands so when I seen E.L.F. False lashes are from $1.-$3. I was skeptical, but once again I am astonished that not only do they apply and stick well They Look GLAM! I always buy a pair when I go to the store, for the Price I will always have a pair when I feel like feeling Glamorous or just wanting more lashes for the day ;-). E.L.F. also has a false eyelash kit that comes with a pair of false lashes, a stand to keep and hold onto your lashes, and a eyelash holder which helps hold them in place when applying, yet I still use my tweezers's to help apply all my false lashes. I would like to personally thank E.L.F. for their false lashes and their  kit; they have made the false lash application easier, affordable, and fun!

Now it's really no secret that clear mascara is also used to tame eyebrows and E.L.F. knows this too! Their double ended Clear Lash and Brow Mascara is great, the Brushes are two different sizes which is the important part, and labeled for eyes and brows.The eye makeup process just got easier!

I love options and E.L.F.'s Elements is a great way to customize your own makeup palettes. I just bought my first refills which are magnetic and pop right in and out, easy & again FUN =) Find out more about E.L.F. Elements

Healthy Skin Enhancer!

 Can there actually be a coverage that is good for our skin, & help's protect against wrinkles! Yes, Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Enhancer with vitamin enriched Retinol, SPF 20 moisturizer, and a sheer weightless tint. I do not like wearing foundation unless I have to and even then I use the mineral foundations. This is not so much a foundation but a light coverage which offer's a great bonus on skin care; protection from the sun, and fighting against wrinkles. I love the way it feels on my skin, goes on smooth & light, and feels weightless. I don't feel I am putting anything bad on my skin to look beautiful and I <3 that!

Check out what Neutrogena has to offer, they are dermatologist recommended and have great products for sensitive skin careNeutrogena Homepage


 This compact has become one of my favorites. You can make a day and night look. As you know I love to find quality make-up for a great price. Their are many custom eye color compacts out there but The N.Y.C. Custom Color compacts have great color selections and comes with it's own Primer and Highlighter Which is the major Bonus. I love the primer, it is full coverage but light, and the cream highlighter adds great glow and detail that makes the eyes look bright, young, and stand out. The eyeshadow applys smooth, blends and layers great.

NewYorkColor Website


Here is an easy way to get that Make-up Artist Perfect eye-liner. 

Don't think BLACK is the only color. It does make the most dramatic look, but there are many other ways to play up your eyes with color. A trick I learned in High School is to highlight your eyes for a natural look is to use WHITE eye liner pencil to line the eyes then use your eyeshadow to become the liner color, it is a very neat way to have a custom eyeliner color everyday =) White is also Great to Highlight the Eyes. Use on the outside and inside corners of eyes to add glow and make the eyes pop. Also the all over look like the Kim (<3 her) pic I found is beautiful and something I've done for a very long time =)

Wet & Wild WebSite

 I have found Wet & Wild's Gel eyeliner is easy to use and easy to remove. Although I had no luck with the brush it came with. I have an easier way to apply this type of eyeliner and keep a straight line ;-) Take an old eyeliner pencil in the same or about same color. I have black so I use a black pencil that is about the same size as the brush the gel liner came with. I don't use the pencil anymore so instead of throwing it out I use it to dip and roll it in my Wet & Wild Gel and line my eyes with the pencil, It works so well! The gel is thick and applies easily. Just wipe the pencil down with a warm wash cloth. Also an angled brush like Sonia Kashuk that I have mentioned in a prior blog is Great for this type of liner.

Since I am talking about Wet & Wild I should mention that I have to recommend their Mega Protein Mascara. Now I am not into those medicine that make your lashes thicker I think I will stick with my thin lashes before going to that extreme,but the thought of protein being good and the wish for thicker lashes I thought I would give it a try. PLUS, nourishing mascara conditions lashes with soy, wheat and acai oil! I <3 That, Au Natural!!! The consistency is thin and doesn't make my lashes look any bigger but on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when I am out browsing the mall or enjoying family time with a natural make-up look on it's worth a shot at getting more voluptuous lashes.And it may just be me but after a couple weeks it seems the lashes are a little stronger  :)

Winter Skin

If you have sensitive, dry skin like myself Here is a miracle. If you suffer from that tight dry skin that just comes with the season changes I love Clinique's Moisture Surge. It is on the more expensive end, but when something works this great and gives such relief it is worth every penny! Drinking water is the best way to hydrate your skin and keep it looking beautiful in any months of the year, but some of us suffer from extremely dry skin and on the facial end is not appealing and makes you self-conscious if someone is staring at the dry patch on your cheek! This is Wonderful Day and Night and within 48 hrs you will see and most importantly Feel you skin get that elasticity and softness back. Love This Product!

Eye skin is already so delicate so even in the winter months we don't want to be pulling at our skin just to remove our make-up. I have found MAYBELLINE's Expert Eyes Make-up Remover is great for my dry winter skin, It has an oil base and removes even the toughest waterproof eye make-up with ease while it moisturizes and conditions. You couldn't ask for more in a make-up remover

All About Angle  

Sonia Kashuk has got it, I have not yet tried her make-up but her tools are Amazing. You ever wonder how make-up artist get that outstanding perfect eye liner application, whither it be cat eyes or a simple outline of the eye?!
Here it is Made Simple, Sonia Kashuk Angle Liner Brush is a blessing! It has made my liquid eye liner and Gel liners my friend =) The Bristles are soft, yet durable, just wash out every evening with your brush cleaner, or water and little soap and let air dry. This will be a tool forever in my Make-up Bag!  <3 <3 <3

And For the Pencil Liner Sonia Kashuk has her double ended small and big sharpener which I've had for months and has yet to dull and has a clear top to let you know it's full and needs emptied which keeps the mess of pencil shavings only in your trash =)

Another Must Have Tool is Sonia's Brow and Lash Dual Comb. It's compact, durable and quality brush for your brows, and Sharp, Thin, METAL, eyelash comb. Yes I said metal and I love it, the plastic ones just don't do justice, You must be very careful, but removing clumps and getting volume to your lashes I just can't rave enough about this tool, Yes another one that will always have room in my make-up tote!!