June 9, 2010


      Alright ladies, Beauty experts, make-up artist this is what You have been waiting for!! An affordable line of great make-up and tools. From mineral to studio! I have tried there brushes, make-up, false lashes, tools. I am in love with eyeslipsface.com. You might think because everything is affordable the quality might not be there. Well no worries there is absolute quality. I am ecstatic about there Fan Brush, that they are now selling at Target along with other studio tools and makeup from that line. So much I am going to buy a couple more to hold on to =) Unlike, other store brand make-up this comes in a package you would think you just purchased it from a makeup counter. I appreciate this for the fact that everything to make a woman beautiful should not have to cost an arm and a leg. Customizable make-up is really taking off these days, and E.L.F is really on it. They have compacts that you can customize to your own color palate. This would make any consumer feel like they are being personally tended to. Plus I love the fact that they have natural make-up a.k.a. there mineral line which I absolutely adore for the fact I am an organic lover;-). But in certain times, Romantic Dinners, Events, You need to have your studio make-up ready for the lights and action. There studio make-up is just as tough and top of the line as any over the counter department store. I can not believe that more people do not know about Eyes Lips Face. I have to add that I am a big fan of the Complexion Perfection, shine, redness, discoloration, TRY it, you will be amazed. So go take a look at the website, check out your local, Target and K-mart stores, pick something up to try I know everyone could find something they liked, but I think you will Fall In Love <3